SleepCreme Formula Development

How it Started

With all the hype surrounding CBD and its benefits, we wanted to learn what potential CBD had for sleep. We started with known brands which yielded mixed results. We also surveyed numerous individuals as to their experiences using CBD.

We learned that tinctures were hard to use, salves we too greasy, and pills were undesirable. In addition, the amount of CBD in these products was all over the board, and the vast majority simply didn’t know which products to trust. We also recognized that most CBD sleep products included Melatonin, yet another negative.

The World's Original and Finest CBD Topical for Sleep

Our Process

We quickly realized that there had to be a better way, so we created our own product. We began by researching the best antioxidant components with natural and organic elements … not just chemicals and marketing hype.

We then interviewed CBD manufacturers to find the world’s best ingredients.

Finally, we sourced the highest quality essential oils to create our scent profiles.

After months of research and countless hours of development, we had our finished product… the world’s best CBD infused topical cream to help you sleep better!

Experience the Difference