SleepCreme Testimonials

  • - Mike S

    “I’ve tried other products for sleep, and I have to say, yours is absolutely the best!”

  • - James H

    “I give SleepCreme to my daughter and she loves the product and uses it every night!”

  • - Deb

    "I've struggled with a good night sleep for over 20 years! Not anymore! I love SleepCreme.”

  • “I wake up in the night a lot and have incredible trouble getting back to sleep. For the last two weeks, I've been trying out SleepCreme to see if it helps and the results are definitive. On nights when I don't use it, I lay awake in bed for long periods of time, and my sleep is less rejuvenating. I wake up tired and sluggish. On nights when I do use it, I get back to sleep immediately after waking up, every time, and I'm refreshed and energetic in the morning. It's astounding how well it works, and it's the only sleep aid I've ever tried that doesn't leave me groggy.”

  • “Nothing has worked like this. The cream has a calming lavender scent from real lavender essential oil, and whatever they did to formulate the CBD is seriously genius. You don't even realize how well it works until you compare it with a night when you don't use it, because you just fall asleep like it's easy for you.”

  • - Lorraine E.

    "Thank you!! I have tried Melatonin, Sleep patches ( two types ), and the Sleepcreme Pro works great. If I have to get up in the middle of the night, I do not have any trouble falling asleep afterward. Nothing else works like this. I am almost 74 years old and suffer from restless leg and neuropathy- I now fall asleep faster as well. Thank you again.”

  • - Steve

    "I haven't had consistent good night sleep in 12 years. My friend put me on to this CBD infused creme and it literally changed my life.”

  • “For someone with persistent insomnia, that is the holy grail. I'm so glad I found this stuff! Highly recommend!"

  • -Kate F

    “I am a survivor of breast cancer and the meds I take kept me from sleeping. SleepCreme is the only product that now helped me sleep!”

  • “OMG!! This product you sent is amazing! I used it last night for the first time. I slept so well, and it gave me the same reduction in anxiety/stress that I used to get when I took Xanax.”

  • - Wendy M.

    "The first night I tried SleepCreme I experienced much better sleep.  After trying the sample, I ordered the Plus since I have been using CBD tinctures. It really works for me.  I reordered today”.

  • "Really works!! I honestly did not think it would work, but it does. I used to wake up at three in the morning and toss and turn and could not get back to sleep until I tried this cream. Thank you so much for a restful night of sleep!"

  • "This lotion has helped me stop tossing so much when I sleep at night. I relax more and also noticed I don't clench my teeth so much either. Definitely helps me relax through the night. Thank you!"

  • "This product works for me. I was having a difficult time sleeping, along with magnesium and a natural sleep aid. I added SleepCreme and I can definitely tell the difference. It helps to relax your body."

  • - Sandy H.

    “SleepCreme is a favorite part of my night time routine. I apply it right before I go to bed and use a little extra on my hands! I love this cream, it is soothing and the scent is so relaxing. SleepCreme  Pro helps me relax and fall right to sleep. Since I have been using it, I have noticed more restful and sound sleep. I highly recommend SleepCreme.”

  • “I LOVE this product! This is the cheat code I never knew I always wanted for a great night's rest. It's helped me sleep so much better ever since I started using it, and has now become a part of my regular nightly routine. Before using this, I would toss and turn a ton and wake up constantly. Now I actually get a full night's sleep and I have been feeling SO much better in the morning because of SleepCreme Pro. It's like magic!!”