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It is estimated that one in three adults suffer from insomnia and treatment has been limited to cognitive behavioral therapy and/or prescription medications, both of which can have negative long-term consequences. The time has come for safe and natural alternatives! SleepCreme, LLC is laser focused on providing the absolute best sleep product on the market.

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Why Sleep Cream?

With all the hype surrounding CBD and its benefits, we wanted to learn what potential CBD had for sleep.

After months of research and countless hours of development, we had our finished product… the world’s best CBD infused topical cream to help you sleep better!

SleepCreme doesn’t use drugs or hormones, contains no THC, and it’s NOT a sedative. SleepCreme effectively relaxes your mind and body so that both can do exactly as they’re designed to do at night … SLEEP!

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Our Happy Customers

"I've struggled with a good night sleep for over 20 years! Not anymore! I love SleepCreme." Deb
"Our whole family loves the SleepCreme. I'm an RN and passionate about wellness, and very picky about the quality of products that I use. All the ingredients are very clean and wholesome -and I feel good about using it whenever we need it." Rebecca
"I haven't had consistent good night sleep in 12 years. My friend put me onto this CBD infused cream and it literally changed my life." Steve
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